A New Beginning

It has felt as though things were not working between me and Nature. That’s putting it too strongly. Maybe it’s more like things were not working perfectly.

Dead leaves bring me down. I feel guilty – like I should have “done something.” And as we prepare to give up our home and garden and move on, Nature seemed to be letting quite a few plants die. I wasn’t happy about this particular decision in our cocreative partnership.

This morning, Nature told me today is a new beginning. Yeah!

So, what does that mean?

First, I asked about things I thought might stay the same. There were plenty. And some surprises too.

Then we went through what was new. The first message I got involved these words: joy, peace, and love. It seems my attitude had drifted away from the true point of gardening. Nature wants me back on track.

That meant coming to terms about dying plants. When I brought up the topic, I got a heavy feeling. This feeling was reflected in the heaviness exhibited by my pendulum. It turned out this heaviness was coming both from me and Nature.

It got me thinking about grieving. When I looked up the definition of “grieving,” I found it came from a latin word which meant “heavy.” Interesting.

But how does the sadness I associated with grief coexist with the joy, peace, and love Nature was exhorting me toward?

What we came up with is that I need to celebrate my feelings toward the plants that are passing. I honor their Spirits for what they manifested, what they gave, how I love them. In doing so, I detached from them and released their Spirits back to Source.

Immediately, peace, joy, and love were restored. I felt lighter. It seemed to me that the garden had sprung to life. I am now free to remove the lifeless forms and pay attention to restoring balance to the living and to the garden.

Who knew?

One comment on “A New Beginning

  1. What a lesson for how to respond to human beings when they make their transition! Thank you for sharing this most practical, helpful, and healing insight.

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