Being Nature

child 5I’ve talked about gardening AS nature a little bit. But, what does it mean to BE Nature? To live my life as Nature?

First, I think (ha ha) it means a lot less emphasis on figuring things out. I don’t see plants devoting much attention to figuring things out. They don’t have to. They already “know.” Life moves through them. They don’t block it.

That’s the next clue: let life flow through me. Don’t make a plan. Don’t set a goal. Allow. Feel life flowing through me. Actions coming not from thoughts, but from being.

And don’t block it. Which begins with not figuring it out. And includes not asking.

It also includes no fear. Fear blocks. I don’t see plants in fear. Why would they be? Fear of dying? Plants are masters at reproduction – spreading their life force – extending their being. Fear of losing a leaf? Grow a new one.

So, less thinking, more allowing, no fear. Is this sounding as good to you as it is to me?!

I know moments of living this way. More and more moments. What’s true about them is that they work. I move effortlessly. Stuff happens. Stuff gets done. There’s a sense of deep peace. And joy is there.

Today I will Be Nature.

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