Roger's Garden

Gardening WITH Nature


Nature wants to know your soul loves every element of you speaks to you in ways you must learn shows […]

Here we go…

Two weeks ago, we moved to a new garden. I vowed – well actually I didn’t quite vow – I […]

Coming Together

I received a personal revelation this morning – one that completely pulled together my vision, mission, skills, and experience into […]

Just Visiting

Last week, some plants left. At least one had been with me more than ten years. Each is connected to […]

The First Day

The day I received the message to step out of the current flow of accepted landscaping dogma is one I’ll […]

Gardening WITH Nature

There’s a lot of confusion in gardening these days. We know gardening AGAINST Nature doesn’t work. At least we’re getting […]

A New Beginning

It has felt as though things were not working between me and Nature. That’s putting it too strongly. Maybe it’s […]