mind’s chatter lookin for trouble
the worst imagined past and future
won’t quit pokin – probin for weak spots
slide in the needle and inject some pain

i’ve got some masks to protect me from that
i’m not that guy the mind pictures
it’s not me makin this up
just let me show you!

mind congers mean stories
mask cleans up the mess
mind’s anger – fear – sadness
mask searching for peace in all that

mind is tricky – mask can be too
sparring together over a lifetime
when will these enemies
stop playing this game?

how much energy drained?
how many casualties along the way?
thick is the shell that holds them
locked inside their struggle

thick is their tension that grips my life
and when
oh when
will it end?

i can’t watch any more
i’ve seen enough
too much pain – too much loss
i can’t keep it up any longer

i can’t end this alone
i’ve cried and i’ve tried
every thing i can try
i’m exhausted and hurt

only ask and speak clearly
we’ll handle it now
relax and be quiet
don’t let your guard down

between the two foes something new arose
forcing its way through and emerging
“silence!” insisted the new one
no more chatter at last!

peace pushed the bud upward
spirits cheered it along
nurtured by all Creation
it reached toward God’s light

the very next sunrise
attended by Nature
that bud burst open
a beautiful flower as bright as the sun

a golden yellow daisy
growing out of my head
the latest beautiful flower
awake in God’s garden


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