First Connection with Nature

pinyon1It may seem a little silly or strange to ask a plant to join you in communication. Anything you do for the first time is liable to test your faith in your ability to succeed. Why would this be different?

Don’t worry or dwell on your doubt. Just go ahead and ask to be connected with the spirit of the plant that seems to most attract your attention in the moment. Be quiet and listen.

Listen with your entire body. I know that may sound silly or strange too. The truth is, and you can check me out on this, your heart – and not your brain – is the command center in your body. Your heart is much more sensitive to frequencies beyond those our senses can detect than your brain is. Thus, messages may be “felt” in your body in ways that your brain struggles to interpret – if you listen deeply – quietly – with your whole body.

When a message comes, try not to stop it with your interpretation or self-doubt. Just feel into it and allow it to unfold for you. You can play mind games later if you must. It’s best to remain open now and allow the message to unfold fully.

It will probably be difficult to put your message into words. Words are pretty ineffective means of communication – limited and confusing. Try to “get” the feeling of the message – the intention – the core of it.

Your first connection with Nature could yield a very clear message. Often though, it’s more like a clue – a sign to refocus your attention on something other that what you’ve been seeing.

Or, it might be an opening – a sort of confirmation that “something” really is eager to communicate with you. And that this “something” is wise and loving and eager to be helpful.

You’ll probably wonder “did that really just happen?” That’s a normal human reaction to something outside the scope of our cultural teaching. And it’s ok to wonder.

The only way to Know is to try to replicate your experience – to communicate again. Do it!

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