From a weed’s persective

purple weedThis morning, lying in bed, I imagined myself a weed. A little one with tiny purple flowers like the ones blooming in my yard. Here’s what I noticed.

I am not alone. I’m surrounded by beings just like me – plants of my type and other types – living together  – touching – moving together in the breeze.

Bugs are all around me. Ants and beetles and lady bugs crawl around and over me – bees dance in my flowers – some bugs are very tiny – some are very large.

My roots spread into the ground. There, they interact with millions of micro-organisms – a very alive and active group – living all around me, on me, and inside me. Worms and other creatures are here too.

My life is active and exciting – always changing – always growing. I’m in constant contact with all beings around me. We work together as one to foster life and to experience life deeply.

My world is beautiful in its harmony. I am powerful in my world because so much depends on me. At the same time, I depend on everything around me too. This feels powerful to me as well, because I feel the power that comes from being so deeply connected to all life.

My life is fleeting in form but ever expanding through my reproduction and everlasting as spirit.

I’m saying this so you will remember next time you call me “weed,” or try to kill me, or step on me. I am just like you my friend. Please treat me as you would treat yourself or your loved one. In return, I offer my life to be helpful to you.

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