Garden Services

A Rufous-tailed hummingbird flies in a garden in San Francisco, near BogotaI offer these services:

  • Create sacred garden altars
  • Teach magical gardening
  • Design sacred garden spaces
  • Facilitate direct connections with Nature Spirits

I also write books about spiritual gardening.

Direct connection with Nature Spirits

I love talking with plants!

For one thing, there’s no judgment. Just an exchange of love and caring.

Besides giving me healing and messages, plants tell me about themselves and their needs. I can help you figure out what’s up with your plants and how to help them thrive.

It can be as simple as “I need more water,” or “Please move me over there.” This is practical information for any gardener. I’m happy to gather this information for you – or better, teach you how to gather it yourself.

I don’t use the title Plant Whisperer lightly. I avoided it for a long time. Recently though, people are calling me this, and I am happy to step into all it means. These days, when I walk down the street or through the meadow, it’s a constant conversation!

Design sacred garden spaces

Life is difficult for most of us. We need a safe place to go to – a retreat that’s peaceful and uplifting where we can re-energize and connect with Nature. This safe place is actually in our heart. I co-create gardens to help transport you there.

Let’s create that space together.

I’ll help you co-create a personal garden for healing, for meditating, and for remembering. But mostly it will about capturing your most joyful moments and building a garden that inspires the same feeling of joy you felt in the original moment.

These joyful gardens bring you into the presence of Now – into the presence of Spirit – into the presence of the unseen world. Here you will find peace.

We’ll design your garden together – making sure it’s just right for you. We’ll personalize your garden – your most powerful connection to your joy or loved one, and to Nature. It will feature your treasured objects and match your budget.

Your joy garden holds high energy – partly because you and Nature create it together with intention, partly because of its design and features, and partly due to your ongoing intimate connection with it.

This place of high energy enlivens your deeper connection with Nature. It’s a place of love and healing. It becomes more potent with regular interaction.

Into your joy garden go healing plants and sacred objects – ones meant particularly to raise the energy there and enhance your connection. These plants are there specifically to heal you. The sacred objects we choose serve as symbols which collect, store, and transmit frequencies that also heal and support your communication with Nature and your joy.

After we work together to identify the perfect elements for your joy garden, I’ll help you get it built. Some or all of what we’ll need is already available nearby. We’ll shop for the remaining plants and objects using guidance and intuition. Your joy garden need not be large or elaborate in order to be powerful – that’s the point.

For ideas, see my Pinterest page.

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  1. I would love to have your help creating a meditation garden and working with you to bring this dream to fruition. Can you email me your contact number so that we can talk to set up an appointment for you to take a look at my yard and give me an estimate. I look forward to meeting you. Thank you! Suecarol