Connect with Nature

dancing kidWhen we were little, our connection with Nature was direct. Some of us saw spirits and creatures. We spoke with them – and they spoke back. Some of us played with them.

Talking about these direct experiences with Nature was rarely encouraged. We learned to keep our connection to ourselves. ¬†We didn’t understand what we were experiencing. Gradually, we gave up our connection with Nature.

Even so, we enjoy being “out in Nature” – big Nature, like mountains and oceans. We take our vacations there – sometimes feel something special. We only scratch the surface of the gifts Nature offers.

This unhappy period of denying our connection with Nature is ending. This period represents an unfortunate blip in the history of humans. For most of our time on Earth, most cultures honored communication with Nature Spirits – we had to in order to survive.

It’s time to reawaken our ability to connect with Nature. You can do this.

Let’s tackle our reawakening together!