Sacred Garden Design

bench1We create sacred gardens, as far as I can tell, for three reasons:

  • To remember a person, place, or experience
  • To meditate
  • To worship

Memory Gardens remind of us someone, somewhere, or something we love. We go to a Memory Garden to grieve and to celebrate. These gardens contain things that evoke the presence of the person, animal, or thing we miss.

Meditation Gardens provide a safe place for peace. We go to a Meditation Garden to be quiet and to connect with our deepest self. These gardens contain plants and sacred objects that carry us away from our mundane existence.

Sacred Gardens provide an avenue to the divine. We go to a Sacred Garden to connect with Nature and to connect with the God of our understanding. These gardens contain plants and sacred objects that transport us into our connection with all that is.

All three kinds of gardens need to be beautiful. They need to feel safe. They need to be places of higher energy than we find in the world around us. They need to contain plants and objects that evoke the presence we seek.

It’s best to co-create these special gardens – with Nature, and with each other – to invest ourselves in the co-creation so every element and design decision is packed with meaning.

In sacred garden design, it’s this co-creation process that I facilitate.

For ideas, see my pinterest board.