Gardening AS Nature

Here’s the picture: the garden in form looks like a bunch of plants situated about the property. A garden in spirit looks like their spirits hovering overhead. Let’s just imagine for a few moments that this is what it looks like based on the theory that we humans do need a model to visualize as we think.

When I’m the gardener then, I’m a form moving among the plant forms, planting and pruning. At the same time, I’m my spirit, circling overhead with the other plant spirits.

Still not the true image.

Let’s focus on the spirits. We’re all bonded – we work as one to fulfill our group purpose and our individual purposes. What shows up in form is the garden as reflection of our spirit work.

That means that my every thought in the garden effects the garden. How I show up in our work together is revealed in the garden-in-form. To turn that around: a beautiful garden reflects a beautiful Mind.

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