Gardening WITH Nature

There’s a lot of confusion in gardening these days.

We know gardening AGAINST Nature doesn’t work. At least we’re getting a bad taste from it. Big ag, big tractors, poisoning unwanted plants and bugs, and genetic engineering don’t contribute anything to health, joy, or life.

There’s a lot of gardening LIKE Nature coming on. We’re composting, mulching, rotating crops, saving seed, and employing a growing variety of clever methods to mimick the ways of Nature. When you compare organic and sustainable gardens to industrial farms, it’s easy to see we’re making steady progress.

There is a more direct method to health, joy, and life in the garden. Why not garden WITH Nature?

Nature is out there gardening every day, rain or shine, based on eons of experience. Can you think of a better partner?

Of course you would have to believe that Nature is alive. That’s not much of a stretch.

And you’d have to believe that Nature is willing to co-create with humans. Not much of a stretch either.

And you’d have to believe that humans can communicate with Nature. This seems like the most difficult bit to believe. Ok, why not try it on?

child 6Perhaps you’re afraid of appearing foolish. It may be helpful to remind yourself that humans of the highest order have been communicating with Nature since well before recorded history. They weren’t out there babbling to brooks and hugging trees for the om of it – they were doing it because they had learned that effective communication with Nature was absolutely essential to their survival.

Perhaps you don’t know how to connect with Nature. That’s likely the case. But isn’t it why you’re out there gardening? It’s my guess you’re doing more than having a spiritual experience with your lawn mower. I know someone who volunteers to mow simply because she loves the smell of freshly cut grass. It makes her feel more alive.

That’s what we’re up to here – we’re actively co-creating gardens with Nature, and we’re here to help you get in touch with Nature and work out the bugs.

It may appear that we’re adding to the gardening confusion by throwing out still another method. Really, the idea is to scrape the decks and replace the entire confusing mess with a few simple guiding principles that work.

Think about it – and, if you dare, ask Nature to join you.

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