Getting started

Before I go any further, I should say that I’m reporting my adventure in co-creative gardening. What works for me may not be appropriate for you. Could be there are clues in here that you will find helpful.

Today’s gardening was accomplished from the big leather chair in our living room where I do thinkin – it’s where I go to meditate and communicate with Spirit. No dirt – no shovels.

My first exercise involved imagining flowers and vegetables – just fleeting images of life in the garden. It felt like I was getting tuned up.

Next I was aided in identifying the plant spirits of my acquaintence who will be joining me in c0-creating this garden. Then I made a list of all those spirits who already manifest in the garden. You’ll be interested in that list:


I acknowledged each of them for their work – past, present, and future. I stated my intention to pay attention to them as we move forward. It made me realize, once again, the huge presence of life connected to just this little patch of land. I felt respect.

Then I made a list of the kinds of “actions” I’ll be taking as we co-create. This list is a bit different than my previous gardening list.

communicating with spirits
being there

There may be more, but for now, this is plenty. I gives me a feel for what I’ll be doing in addition to my physical actions. Fun stuff.

I did receive information about next steps and an idea that we’ll be scattering a bunch of pots and rocks among the plantings. I also get that I’ll be paying careful attention to water – both the water itself and the way it’s applied – ie, no hose in this garden.

My last step is to write this blog – a real web log of what’s happening. Just another great day in the garden!

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