Haiku Gardens

A Rufous-tailed hummingbird flies in a garden in San Francisco, near BogotaI’m an old English major. A writer. My favorite writing form is short poems. My favorite model for a short poem is haiku.

In haiku, the writer stumbles upon an insight. And captures the essence of the insight in words so that the full experience of the insight can be re-experienced each time the poem is read. Because the insight happened in an instant, the poem and the experience of reading the poem must be compressed into an instant.

I’m not much on following official structures and rules – haiku has plenty. But the ideas of haiku are short, simple, and Nature has to be in there somewhere. That makes sense to me.

Profound insight and inspiration happens in Nature – with Nature – about Nature. My idea for gardens is small, simple, and loaded with compressed uplifting energy. Garden spaces that quickly put humans in the experience of a joyful moment.

To me, creating a garden is an art project – a mystical one. It’s about managing energy – both in form and in spirit. That includes plants and stuff in the garden – and people in the garden.

I’ve been doing this in my own gardens for awhile now. The most interesting part for me is that I co-create these gardens with Nature – the same Nature that creates mountains, forests, and oceans. The feeling in my garden is the same as the feeling in what I call Big Nature.

Besides being uplifting, this feeling is healing. And sitting in my gardens helps deepen my connection with all Nature. The feeling of that connection is joy.


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