We’re called Vegetalismos – those shamans who invoke the spirits of plants to heal.

Plants are here to heal us. Like humans, each plant is a spirit manifesting in form. Unlike us, plant spirits are clear and clean – no mind – no ego. Plant spirits are willing and able to heal humans at the soul level – if we ask nicely!

We focus on reestablishing this healing connection and exploring your healing issues du jour as we look for their soul cause and identify plant spirits to help. Plant spirits provide messages and directly modify our mind around the trouble we face.

We devote attention to what’s showing up in the moment to be healed. We learn from each other as we decode the message in the trouble you’re experiencing. You experience direct healing as we find the appropriate plant spirit to ask for help, invoke that spirit, and make our requests. We provide feedback around what we experience as we are led.

Plant Spirit Medicine is an ancient healing modality practiced by healers around the planet. It’s experiencing a bit of a revival these days as people begin to realize the importance of revitalizing their connection with Nature and the power of healing physical, mental, and emotional issues at the spiritual level.

Often, today’s issues originated a long time ago. We are often amazed to finally see the connections between our trouble and its origins, and grateful to Nature for both revealing them and providing healing. Sometimes we feel a shift very quickly; other times it unfolds over days. At any rate, Nature always gets her intended results!