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Hello world!

It’s been almost exactly one month since my return to the Phoenix area – the place of rebirth. Since my arrival, I’ve been renewing friendships, remembering where everything is, restoring my mind and body, and realigning my life, work, and spiritual path.

Now I’m ready to begin again. For me, it seems always to come back to Nature. Connecting with Nature in our gardens could be the most important, most immediate act we can take to renew our soul. We may not understand fully why we love being in Nature – we just do.

Nature doesn’t get much closer than our patio, which is why the initial services I’m offering include creating a beautiful patio garden you can care for within your physical and financial means. I’ve been experimenting with patio gardens for a couple years and am ready to offer what I’ve learned to you.

The other service involves helping you understand what’s in your yard – and what to do about it. I know it can be confusing – I’m here to help.

Our first gardening round table at Pomogranate Cafe in Ahwatukee went well – the second is today. I’ll keep you posted as we expand the intimate gardening workshops, round tables, and salons we offer around the East Valley.

I’m excited to be here – to be in action – to be in the garden – with you!

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