Here we go…

Two weeks ago, we moved to a new garden. I vowed – well actually I didn’t quite vow – I thought it would be a great idea – to chronicle my co-creation with Nature in the new garden. So we could all see it evolve together. Maybe even make some comments.

I’m already behind schedule. So I’m going to make a few notes to get us up to date. I figure I can come back to them later and fill in any blanks as Spirit moves me.

• The co-creation of this garden started over a year ago, when I got the message that we were moving.
• I brought some of my plant buddies along with me – the ones that wanted to come. I believe their Spirits got here first – and even helped my find this garden.
• This land and the garden are wonderful – thank you Spirit!
• We made the trip in good shape and are getting settled in.
• I re-established my connection with Nature on this site and said a few words about my desires for the garden.
• I’ve been healing and growing my relationship with Nature here in a variety of ways.
• I’m in daily action inside and outside, doing the chores Nature suggests, some of which are a little strange to me.
• We’re exploring the neighborhood together, getting a feel for Nature here and resources available to us.

Yesterday, I was led to a nursery in Cornville to buy three packets of seed. Two packets were supplied by a local seed middleman – one package was grown in Cornville, one in southeastern Arizona – both are somewhat obscure varieties. The remaining packet was distributed by a commercial seed company in New York that I’ve never heard of.

Back in the garden, I raked in two bags of manure that I actually moved from the garden in Gilbert to the garden in Sedona. I think Nature had me buy these bags back then so I’d have them on hand now. The idea is that we’re going to sow flower seed this week. If you think that’s a crazy idea, you would probably not find any disagreement among experts.

We’re making a little wildflower meadow. Nature assures me the right seed will germinate in the right spots at the right time. I just have to lay them out there. I’m really looking forward to these results – I’ve got a comfy chair set up right in the middle of the action!

I’ll keep you posted!

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