I forgot to ask

It just dawned on me – I’m kinda slow sometimes – that I forgot to ask Nature whether or not She wanted me to co-create a garden here. I got caught up in trying to figure out what kind of garden She wanted – and I wanted – and how to make it happen.

Nature obliged me – for awhile. I did build a garden and it did flourish – for awhile. And then Nature dismantled the entire project. Boy, was I pissed. Now, I understand. Nature didn’t want me to garden here at all. I needed a demonstration to help me figure that out.

I just assumed Nature would want to make a beautiful garden with me – one of my own choosing. Now I wonder how the heck I could ever have made that assumption. Pretty arrogant I guess.

Now I see that Nature has something else in mind for me. These days, I’m filled with gratitude for Nature’s presence in my life and our connection. In the coming days, I hope to help foster this connection – or rather “reconnection” – between humans and Nature. I’m excited about the work!

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