Just Visiting

Last week, some plants left.DSCF0038

At least one had been with me more than ten years. Each is connected to me by a story.

When I got the message from Nature that this group was leaving, I made arrangements to give them to my daughter, and quickly scurried around to make them ready. I was entirely engaged in their relocation.

Later, I noticed that I felt lighter. These were the plants that required watering almost every day. Suddenly, I found myself free of their care. Interesting.

I checked in on them yesterday. The move was hard on them and I have to admit, they had probably overstayed their visit and weren’t in the best shape. I think they’ll recover and be fine in their new home.

Today I find myself thinking about their stories. Where they came from and how they arrived. Why I think we chose each other. What we learned and how we grew during their visit. These stories didn’t leave with the plants – they remain with both of us.

I feel enriched by their visit and I hope they do too. I feel enlivened by their moving on and I hope they do too. Our entanglement has not ended, but only moved to a new level.

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