Meditating in Your Garden

garden mistMeditation is “in” these days – even though it’s not new. Joining a group to sit in the energy of those with a shared intention to clear their minds can be quite powerful. But, what if you can’t make the group meeting this week?

Meditating in your garden can be just as powerful as sitting in a group – if you pay attention to raising the energy around you. Here are some simple steps to get started.

Think of your property as a whole. Sure, there are walls and other space dividers. In creating sacred space for meditation, we’ll think of walls in a different way. For now, think of your property as an energy whole – a system.

It may help to imagine yourself floating above your property. Look for places where the energy is high – and places where it seems a little denser. Identify two or three spots where the energy feels good for you. We’ll focus our attention there.

Go to each place and feel the energy there. Look around you. Some “views” from this space attract you. Put a chair on your spot and face the direction that feels right. You may have a chair there already! If so, congratulations!

From this point, in this chair, begin looking at the energy of each item you see. Ask simply: “Does it raise my energy or lower it?” Get it feel for the difference – sense the different energy. Don’t worry about it. Just notice.

What kinds of things raise your energy? I’ll bet Nature – especially plants – tend to attract your attention.  What else? Treasured objects? Art?

Your experiment with creating sacred space has begun! It’s ok to start moving things around now with an eye towards raising the energy you feel from your spot. We want these spaces to sing to you!

Don’t let walls limit your seeing. If your spot is inside, what’s going on outside? What do you see through the doors and windows? If your spot is outside, what’s happening inside? See through the walls. Your knowing about the other side of that wall is part of the energy you feel from your spot.

Seeing, knowing, feeling energy as you rearrange the items around your home and garden helps you connect with yourself. Hint: that’s what meditation is about.

We’ll speak more about how this plays for you – how to gradually upgrade the energy of your property until the entire place feels so wonderful  even your visitors remark about it!

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