New Albuquerque Patio Garden

maximiliansunflower 1Now that I’m moving again, I’ll have yet another opportunity to work with and as Nature to co-create a patio garden of peace and connection. It’s one advantage of moving frequently – lots of tries. I do envy those of you who are putting down roots – who plant trees and watch them grow with you.

I had that opportunity – twice – and made the most of it. I miss those gardens a little bit, but I find I am still connected to the plants there – the ones who chose me as I chose them.

And fortunately, Nature is all around me. I’m thankful that others continue to do the work of planting and care – especially in the many beautiful gardens I encounter.

So, what will we do differently this time?

I don’t know! I have a sort of picture in my head about how our little patio garden can look, but I’m open completely to the unfolding. We’re starting with some furniture, which is cool. And we have a wonderful across-the-valley view of the city and hills beyond.

One thing that’s different is the climate. Even though I’ve only been here in Albuquerque for a couple weeks, I see many plants thriving that I’ve always wanted to connect with – ones that clearly grow much better here than in the lower deserts of Tucson and Phoenix. I’m hoping to include those as we pack our patio with life.

We’re also starting with two plants already in the little piece of the patio garden that is not concrete – a lavender and a rosemay. How’s that for a great start! Both plants look very happy in their sunny, sheltered home.

When I first visited Albuquerque, I felt welcomed by the plants here – as though they had been waiting for me – as though we had work to do together – as though they were as excited and joyful about this work as I am!

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