New life

Nine seeds arrived home in the soil in our garden this morning. They’ve made a long journey. I feel like them – my fingers arrived in the soil with them – it’s been a long journey.

Today, I brought in the hose and hooked her up. Then, I blessed the water. I was glad to acknowledge the importance of the life water brings to the garden.

I was already wet and muddy and that felt good. I watered some thirsty agaves and was glad to feel the rejuvenation of the garden beginning anew.

Then we made two lines in the soil. First, I needed a drawing tool, and was led to the two-year old flower stalk of a yucca near the garden. It practically jumped off the yucca and into my hand.

The two lines were not anything I anticipated – that’s ok – Nature is designing this garden! When that was completed, I brought out the seed I had been led to stow in my pocket. I dug three little trenches with my fingers and planted three seeds in each. And covered them lightly.

That’s it. I think the Deva of the garden is teaching me how to work with her and I am glad.

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