Partnership with Nature

For much of recent history, humans have gardened against Nature, trying to control Nature through costly chemicals and strange practices. With the advent of organic gardening, gardeners now seek to copy Nature’s ways. Join us in the next generation of gardening, in which we enlist Nature’s cooperation to begin aligning our intentions with Nature’s plan and power.

Landscaping today is business. Big nurseries, big boxes, and big crews of guys with mowers and blowers. In the middle of this hustle you may benefit from working with a landscaper who speaks your language – and the language of Nature.

I worked hard to learn my trade as landscape designer and builder. And then I upgraded to what I call Gardening WITH Nature. I wrote a book about it. The idea is to fully access the wisdom and wonder of Nature in our daily gardening.

You may not imagine – yet – the feeling of gardening in direct partnership with Nature. That feeling flows into a full-body experience of oneness with Nature. Of Gardening AS Nature.