Personal Work

I am a reformed landscaper, a heart gardener, and a plant whisperer. You may never meet another gardener quite like me.

While sitting on a garden swing in a secret garden, I received my first ever message from Spirit: “Create a new paradigm for landscaping in the Southwest.”

The Voice was quite clear. No further instructions were provided at that time. I didn’t know where The Voice was coming from, but the idea resonated with me because, as a landscaper, I was pretty fed up with gardening against Nature.

I knew the current landscaping paradigm did not work.

So, I wrote out a manifesto for a new paradigm to guide my practice. But something was missing. Nature still felt separate from me and my clients. I needed a new connection.

As I researched and practiced from my manifesto, I learned that plants are not things – they are spirits in form. Nature has a plan – when we align with this plan our gardening comes alive. What we need to know about our gardens is available if we ask. Plants are here to help and we’ve only begun to ask for the most wonderful help they wait patiently to provide. Even though our current ways pit us against Nature, working with Nature is fun and easy.

Over the years, I’ve been led through an astonishing curriculum to form the foundation necessary for my deep connection with Nature, my practical partnership with Nature spirits, and my sense of my place in the unity of Nature.

Part of the curriculum involves sharing as I learn. I invite you to join me as we grow into our full role as humans on this planet.

Some landscaping-related work I’ve done:

Landscape design, estimating, and sales.
Landscape installation and maintenance.
Coordinating 100 volunteers revitalizing a 4-acre elementary school butterfly garden.
Turning around a struggling retail nursery.
Documenting and improving commercial landscaping business and field processes.
Developing a corporate university for commercial landscaping.
Plant ordering and sales.
Hiring, scheduling, training, and managing staff and crews.
Propagating and growing, planting, watering, and caring for plants.
Color and succulent container design.
Working with growers to introduce and test new plant varieties.
Experimenting with new irrigation technologies and organic fertilizers.
Championing practical methods to reduce water usage and landscape maintenance.
Developing and teaching landscaping and gardening workshops.
Writing and editing landscape books.
Advocating for humane treatment of plants.