Plant Whisperer

Your plants want to talk with you. They have loads to tell you!

For some reason they talk with me. It used to be a few. Then lots. Now all. Over years of communicating with plants I’ve gradually opened the relationship with all plants.

For me, communicating with plants is always a wonderful experience. Besides learning and receiving messages from the unseen world, plant spirits heal me. Communicating with plants always happens in a field of love. This field of love is what your garden wants to become.

What would you ask your plant if you could ask anything? Would you ask about soil and water, temperature and sunlight? Would you ask if your plant would like to move or be fertilized? Would you ask if your plant is happy?

Would you like to know your best moves in your garden? The ones that would be easiest for you? Least expensive? Most beneficial? Your plants know. And they would love to have your partnership in your garden.

You’ve got the hands – you can do things in your garden plants can’t.

Plants have personalities just like people. Some are fun – some are wise – and some are bored. Some like being in your garden – some don’t. They know where they are, where they came from, and where they’re going.

I can help you communicate with plants in your garden or at a plant nursery to find the one who wants to come home with you today.

As a plant whisperer, I’m a go-between. I help you understand your plants and how to communicate with them to everyone’s highest purpose.