RogI am a reformed landscaper, a heart gardener, and a plant whisperer. You may never meet another gardener quite like me.

While sitting on a garden swing in the secret garden at a friend’s home, I received my first ever message from Spirit: “Create a new paradigm for landscaping in the Southwest.”

The Voice was quite clear. No further instructions were provided at that time. I didn’t know where The Voice was coming from, but the idea resonated with me because, as a landscaper, I was pretty fed up with doing things in ways that made no sense to me.

I knew the current paradigm simply did not work.

So, I wrote out a manifesto for the new paradigm to guide my practice. Somehow, something was still missing. For me, Nature still felt separate from both everyone around me, including me – I just didn’t feel the connection.

As I researched and practiced from this manifesto, I learned that plants are not things – that Nature has a plan – that most of what we need to know about our gardens is available in ways I never imagined – that plants are here to help us in ways untapped – that even though our current ways of gardening pit us against Nature, working with Nature is fun and easy.

Over the years, I’ve been led through an astonishing curriculum to form the foundation necessary for not just a deep connection with Nature, but a practical partnership, a sense of being part of Nature, and finally, a sense of unity.

Part of the curriculum involves my continual attempts to share what I’m learning. I invite you to share this adventure with me and Nature as we grow into our full role as humans on this planet.