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RoadTripRogRoger Wyer

Interactive experiences directly connecting gardeners with Nature. Conversations that make gardening easier and more rewarding, and enhance  healing and spiritual growth.


Roger’s Story

While meditating in the secret garden at a friend’s home, Roger received his first message from Spirit: “Create a new paradigm for landscaping in the Southwest.”

The Voice was quite clear. No further instructions were provided at that time. Roger didn’t know where The Voice came from, but the idea resonated with him because, as a professional landscape designer and builder, he was pretty fed up with gardening as usual.

So, Roger wrote a draft for the new paradigm and used it to guide his work. But something was missing. Nature still felt separate – he just didn’t feel the connection.

Over the years, Nature has led Roger through an astonishing curriculum that formed the foundation for a deep connection with Nature, then a practical partnership, a sense of being part of Nature, and finally, a sense of unity.

Along the way, Roger learned that plants are more than things – that Nature has a plan – that most of what we need to know about our gardens is available in ways we have never imagined – that plants are here to help us heal – that even though our current ways of gardening pit us against Nature, working WITH Nature is much easier – and way more fun!

Part of Roger’s learning involves his attempts to share what he’s learning. Roger invites you to share this adventure as we grow into our full role as humans on this planet.


Roger’s topics center on enhancing the connection between people and Nature. This connection serves as an important key to spiritual growth and awakening – and to creating terrific gardens. Individual presentations can be tailored to suit your situation and the needs of your group.

Example Topics

Bringing Life into Your Garden – and Nature into Your Life. Direct connection with Nature changes the way we garden – and the way we live.

Creating Memory Gardens. Design elements and processes to help you create spaces for remembering loves ones.

What’s Going on in Your Garden that You Can’t See. As humans, we move quickly and filter out much of what our senses tell us about our garden. And we fail to notice what’s going on beyond the range of our senses.

How to Feel Like You’re in the Woods When You’re in Your Own Back Yard. Connecting with Nature is easier in Big Nature on mountain tops or by the ocean. Fortunately, there are ways to recreate this feeling in our gardens too.

Creating a Sacred Place in Your Garden. The best place to be quiet – to be mindful – could be your own back yard. Learn simple ways to create your personal garden meditation space.

Birthday-RogSpeaking Style

Roger’s unique presentation style involves his audience as participants. After laying out a few key points and reinforcing them with uplifting stories, Roger opens the floor to questions. These questions always lead back to the key points, in ways that engage the entire audience. Roger’s writing style has been described as “conversational, with energy;” his speaking style is the same.

This open presentation style has repeatedly worked well for Roger in groups up to about fifty. Roger is also adept at facilitating smaller groups in an interactive salon style. Participants leave his presentations uplifted, with new ways of seeing, and excited about applying their learning to their gardens and their lives.

Roger Wyer is a former landscape designer and contractor, and author of books about spiritual awakening, including Learning Lessons: Gardening with Nature, Peaceful Awakening, and Choosing Joy at Work. Currently, he helps those frustrated with their gardens and those wanting to connect more deeply with Nature – guiding them gently into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with life around them.