Sacred Garden

We are at it again!

This time, Nature has proposed an all-or-nothing gardening adventure on our 25’x30′ fenced plot. That means, I surrender – Nature runs the show. Our idea is for me to experience and understand the new paradigm at a new level. I can ask all the questions I like, but it’s Nature’s Way or no way for this garden.

We started yesterday. Nature had me drawing the entry gate and fence, and adding a single clay pot to the right of the gate. Today, I put the correct pot in the indicated spot and leveled it. That’s it.

I also received the following message, which I’m happy to pass along to you:

A Sacred Garden is any place where Nature and humans co-exist in conscious connection.

Conscious connection means deliberate harmony and balance.

When communication is alive and Spirits unite with a common purpose all interactions result in abundant growth. When you reach out to Nature Spirits they respond in ways you cannot fathom.

We invite all humans to join with us in creating Sacred Space.

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