What “Connect with Nature” Means

tree7Simply, connecting with Nature means a conversation. A direct conversation.

When you connect with Nature you find yourself in a kind of dialog where messages and information are directly exchanged.

Messages and information may move as words, images, or feelings. These words, images, and feelings are not always perceived by your five senses. There’s something more going on. You’ll understand better once you’re connected.

The point is, when you connect with Nature, the door to another reality opens. Maybe it’s just an extension of your current reality. Either way, you get to access knowledge you’ve never accessed before. More than that, you’ll access love and healing you’ve never accessed before. And that’s a beautiful thing.

What I do is facilitate this connection. I think it’s because I’ve been working on my connection and learning about this extended reality that I am able to make the introduction between you and Nature. My experience when I help someone connect with Nature, this introduction is fun – it’s filled with wonder and possibilities. And it always works. I guess it’s just a gift I’ve been given by Nature – one I’d love to share with you!

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