Why Connect with Nature?

imagesYou’re on the beach. You feel the breeze. Smell the ocean. Hear the rushing waves. You belong here. It’s a deep, old feeling.

You feel almost one with the sand and the water and the wind and the sun. It feels good.

What do you think this is all about?

Why do you get this feeling when you’re on the beach? What is here that makes you feel a part of it?

Even though it is SO big. And you feel SO small. Yet you feel part of it. You can feel the life in the sea as it extends endlessly in front of you. You can feel the life on the beach as it stretches out to either side and behind you. It feels good. Very good.

Good enough to lure you into whatever complications arise on your way to the beach – just so you can be there for a few hours.

Let’s be clear about this. In moments like these, you feel ONE with Nature – with all life. We humans absolutely CRAVE this connection. It’s like coming home. Into the gentle, and mighty arms of the love the God.

Why connect with Nature? Because we HAVE to. Life without this connection is not life. It’s merely existence.

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