Why I’m Excited!

I think this is it. I’ve struggled for a long time to make sense out of my life. I’ve followed the guidance – gone wherever I was led – learned the next new thing – practiced that – and moved along. Until now.

Now the pieces are coming together – All The Pieces. I’m excited!

I’ve spent a good deal of time in nonprofit organizations – particularly leading volunteer programs. And, as I’ve done with for-profit organizations, I’m all about organizational development – processes, projects, people, and growth – making stuff work.

I’ve spent a good deal of time involved with plants. From the time I filled my first solo apartment with plants – to starting my own landscaping business – to managing a landscape design-build company for a friend – to serving on the executive leadership team for a multi-state commercial landscape contractor. I’ve created interesting gardens everywhere I’ve lived. I’ve managed volunteer projects creating gardens for churches and schools.

I’ve spent a good deal of time as a healer. From helping people get unstuck from whatever is troubling them – to learning and practicing more than two dozen healing modalities – to developing my own healing methods. I heal myself and anyone who comes to me.

But this has forever seemed three separate tracks. Until now. In one idea, three became one.

I see that I am to help people create memory gardens.

I plan to work with hospices and other nonprofits. I get them. I know how to fit in and make this work for them. Especially when there are volunteers involved.

As a gardener, I will also help create sacred spaces and meditation gardens. As a plant whisperer, I’ll be able to help people in their gardens in ways few can. That’s just the right combination of design, coaching, and field work for me.

As a healer, I’ll help people heal their grief. As a shaman, I’ll connect them with Nature and with Plant Spirits – and┬áconduct ceremonies in the garden.

I think I can do this work for a long time. It seems like a natural referral-based business – and I’ve done plenty of marketing and social media. I’ll enjoy writing the books and blogs that go along with the program.

I expect every day to be new – fresh. I expect the work to be challenging – and rewarding. I expect to make more than enough money for my needs. I expect to meet lots of interesting people – and serve them.

Do you see why I’m excited?!?!

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