Wildly Wonderful Gardens

During most of recent history, humans strived to master Nature – to bend Her to our crazy ideas – to our will. For thousands of years we’ve developed new techniques to win our imaginary war against Nature. Even if we do defeat Nature, we’ll probably destroy the planet and ourselves in the process.

My personal experience demonstrates that when I cooperate with Nature, my garden is more beautiful, my harvest is more bountiful, my work is lighter and more joyful, and I spend less time and money.

When I was a professional landscaper, I learned it’s a lot easier to work with Nature than against Her. That seems pretty obvious now, but it’s highly counter-intuitive in a field like landscaping, where the apparent goal is to shape Nature into exactly what the customer wants.

Your relationship with plants is sacred – so is mine. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have connected on this page. Somehow, pruning and fertilizing, weeding and mowing, don’t seem to exactly fulfill the nature of the sacred relationship with plants we desire.

The thing is, plants want to be healed and they want to heal us. Nature cooperates. Knowledge and information is “out there.” It’s up to us to listen and ask!