Garden Workshop Experiences

Interactive experiences directly connecting gardeners with Nature, making gardening easier and more rewarding, and enhancing healing and spiritual growth.

Breathing Life into Your Garden. Awakening to your sacred connection with Nature changes the way you garden – and the way you live.

Co-creative Gardening. Gardening WITH Nature means less input for greater results.

Creating Memory Gardens. Design a space to help you remember your loved ones.

Your Unseen Garden. We often ignore what our senses tell us about our garden, and fail to notice what’s going on beyond the range of our senses.

How to Feel Like You’re in the Woods When You’re in Your Own Back Yard. Connecting with Nature is easier in Big Nature on mountain tops or by the ocean. Fortunately, you can create this feeling in your garden too.

Create a Sacred Place in Your Garden. The best place to be quiet – to be mindful – could be your own back yard. Learn simple ways to create your personal garden meditation space.

Plant Spirit Walk. Walk and talk with plant spirits waiting to give you messages and healing.