I specialize in elevating your gardening and Nature experiences.

I’m a heart gardener and a plant whisperer.

I connect people with Nature in ways that open new horizons in gardening.

I’m most joyful – and most productive – when I’m deeply connected with Nature. I help my clients establish this deep connection and learn to see Nature in ways that foster joy.

There’s a bit of magic involved. And a bit of art.

You already practice ways to foster your connection with Nature. Wilderness hikes and trips to the beach, hands-in-dirt gardening, meditating in the garden. My work is all about this connection – making it more accessible, more practical, and more spiritual.

I work with you in your garden and teach groups.

I practice plant spirit medicine – connecting with plant spirits for information and healing.

I co-create sacred garden spaces – conscious gardens packed with uplifting energy. I want to raise gardens and gardening to a new level – a spirit level.

If you’re intrigued, let’s talk. I’d like to meet you, hear your stories, dreams, and ideas, and help you experience the possibilities of intimate connection with Nature.